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Repaired Crane Wheel


Repair of CRANE WHEELS - Project Details


Our ability to Repair Crane Wheels is well known in the Crane community and in various other work environments.

 We are well known in the Steel, Paper and many other Industries for this skill. Properly running equipment increases personal safety, machine life, product quality and productivity.


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Product Description

Crane Wheels and Crane Wheel Assemblies allow the crane to move down a stable platform or track safely. They come in various styles and types. They are Mounted, Steel Pin and Keeper, Cartridge Bearing, M.C.B. and Direct Drive.   

Crane Wheel Repair Process


Clean, Disassemble, Inspect, Test, Repair and Reassemble.  


Measure all critical dimensions to assure no signs of wear and that components are to print and function as required.


Master Machinist and Millwright.

Equipment Used to Rebuild Part

Lathe, Presses, and NDT equipment.

Overall Part Dimensions

         Varies on Style and Type.

Material Finish

As required and per print specifications.

In process testing/inspection performed

Inspections per customer request and print specifications.

Industry for Use

All Industrial environments and various industries including Steel, Paper, Mining, Energy, Aggregates, Plastics and many Others.



Delivery/Turnaround Time

3-4 Weeks After Receipt of Order

Delivery Location

Middletown, Ohio

Standards Met

Industry Standards, Customer Specifications and Required Prints.

 Product Name

Crane Wheels and Assemblies.



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