Cylinder Mould Repair and Rebuild

Cylinder Mould Repair and Rebuild
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Cylinder Mould Repair and Rebuild

Our clients rely on their heavy equipment cylinder rolls, day in and day out. To be successful, they need them to be up and running 24-7. At Maintenance & Repair Technologies we are experts when it comes to reconditioning, repairing, rebuilding and even fabricating a wide variety of cylinder rolls. From paper machine to extractor to water filtering cylinders, our customers in the paper and steel mill industries rely on MRT to replace their damaged end spiders and journals. They come to MRT to install the new rods, bars, tines and rings that keep their cylinder rolls humming along. But our customers also call on MRT to custom design and fabricate a wide variety of new cylinder rolls, all made of the best corrosive resistant bronze and steel.

MRT also supplies clients with top notch secondary services like emergency repair, field service, assembly, welding and chrome plating. With our quick turnaround times, our outstanding inspection and testing and our Six Sigma Certification, MRT’s customers get their cylinder rolls reconditioned, repaired and fabricated efficiently and cost-effectively.

For more information about our cylinder roll repair and fabrication please see the details below. To learn about our other outstanding services please contact MRT.

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Cylinder Mould Repair and Rebuild- Capabilities

Process Reconditioning
Cylinder Applications Paper Machine Cylinder
Extractor Cylinder (High Loading)
Water Filtering
Cylinder Designs Round Rod, Round Winding Wire
Round Rod, Flat Winding Wire (Upright)
Flat Bar, Flat Winding Wire (Upright)
Custom Designs Available
Repair End Spiders Replaced
New Rods or Bars Installed
New Winding Wire at Required T.P.I.
Journal Replacement
New Chime Rings
Packing Sleeves Over Journals
Seaming of Wire Cloth
Miscellaneous Repairs
Components Spiders
Winding Wire
Packing Sleeves
Round Rods
Rounding Wire
Flat Winding Wire
Flat Bars
Material Everdur Bronze
Stainless Steel (316, 17-4 PH)
Bearing Bronze (660)
Hot-Rolled, Heat-Treated Special Steel (41L50)
End to End Runout ± .0005 in
Circumference Runout ± .002 in
Polishing 4 micro-inches
Manufacturers Kobayashi
Resistance Corrosive
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