Hook Blocks

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Repaired Hook Block


Our ability to Repair and Rebuild Hook Blocks, Hook Block Pulleys, Sheaves and Sheave Nest used on various Cranes and Hoist is second to none.

 We are known for this skill in the Steel, Aggregates, Paper, Energy, Mining and Plastic Industries. We repair 20 Ton thru 94 Ton.

Properly maintained equipment increases personal safety, machine life, product quality and productivity.


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Repair of hook blocks - Project Details

Product Description

Hook Blocks are sometimes called Crane Blocks they are below the hook lifting equipment, designed to help with your lifting application. They can be motorized or manual, but both require periodical maintenance.

Hook Block Repair Process


Disassemble, Clean and Inspect.


Replace worn parts and Rebuild.


Master Machinist and Millwrights.

Equipment Used to Rebuild Part

Various Tools, Measuring devices and Gauges.

Overall Part Dimensions

         Varies on size and design.

Material Finish

Industry standard schema and Mostly painted Safety Yellow.

In process testing/inspection performed

Inspections: Final inspection and Testing.

Industry for Use

All Industries that require Heavy Lifting Capabilities.



Delivery/Turnaround Time

3-4 Weeks After Receipt of Order

Delivery Location

Middletown, Ohio

Standards Met

Industry Standards and Customer Specifications

 Product Name

Hook Blocks, Pulleys and Sheaves.

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