Past Work


MRT  provides full service design and repair of rolls, cylinders, gearboxes, and other mechanical equipment for a variety of industries, including:


  • Metals Manufacturing, Forging, and Processing
  • Paper Manufacturing
  • Printing
  • Mining
  • Heavy Industry


MRT can also meet your specific equipment application and integration requirements, including fluid power and electrical control systems. Here are just a few examples of work completed.



Precision Machining for Papermaking Industry




Precision Machining of a Heat Screw
 for the Papermaking Industry

 Remanufacturing for Steel Industry 





 Remanufacturing of a Chopper Gearbox 
 for the Steel Industry.

Repair of Bridge Drive Gear Case




Repair of Bridge Drive Gear Case for the Steel Industry.


  Hook Blocks used in vairous Industries.





Crane Wheels used on Cranes in all industries.

  Centrifuge Baskets used in the Sugar Industry.





Segments - This segment is used at a Steel Mill.